The Top 5 Products All Stoner Need In Their Toolkit

Speaking as a regular toker, I know there are those items that we all have in our weed smoking arsenal. From excellent grinders to that truly awesome lighter that’s always there when you need it we all have them.

Thankfully, smoking weed has become very mainstream. This means that even websites like Amazon and eBay stock certain smoking paraphernalia, utterly unthinkable just a few short years ago!

It doesn’t matter what your budget is, or how many of an aficionado you might think you are. All stoners can now create a top quality toolkit, making their smoking life just that little bit easier.

The Humble Grinder

The first thing all tokers tend to upgrade, the humble grinder can be a faithful servant or constant pain if it’s not capable enough. The perfect grinder, is easy to use, can cope with the dankest of bud and neatly collect that pollen in the bottom for that perfect last smoke.

We always suggest getting an aluminium grinder. Why? Aluminium is tough, durable and doesn’t leave any horrible plastic pieces in your freshly ground bud. We all had a terrible experience with a horrible quality plastic grinder when we were young, yet prices are low enough we don’t have to suffer from that anymore.

We also think the more teeth, the better. This helps crush the week into the smallest nugs you can, allowing you to make your weed go that much further.

Top Grinder Pick: DCOU Aluminium Grinder With Pollen Catcher

The DCOU Grinder is a superb piece of kit. It features an amazing 49 teeth in the head, more than enough to ensure your bud goes as far as it can.

It also features the all important pollen catcher and a really cool see through midsection, allowing you to see what you’re catching as you grind.

I’ve been using this grinder for about a month now, and it’s by far the best I’ve ever used. It’s unbelievably strong and as anyone who’s compared a quality grinder with a terrible one, you can feel it’s doing a great job of grinding your herb.

As far as drawbacks, there’s a weird set of ribs located inside the middle chamber. It’s not a total game stopper, but it does sometimes make retrieving your weed or pollen harder than it probably should have been.

The Scales Of Justice

A guy once said on Reddit, “if you want to know if a guy smokes, just ask him about weight conversions.” It made me laugh, and it’s probably true.

The small, electronic scale is the most important thing your local vendor owns, save your the actually weed itself. A good quality scale will keep going all day long, not draw too much battery life and above all else, we as accurate as possible.

Top Scales Pick: Ozeri Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale

If the words “generic” aren’t enough to put your off then, this portable scale is actually perfect you’re those who need to measure weed on a daily basis. It’s accurate to 0.5g and converts between grams, and slightly old school weights such as quarters, half’s and ounces.

The only minor irritation we have with this scales are the instructions. Not the easiest thing in the world to read, however, once you’ve mastered the art of measuring with this beast you’ll never look back.

One For You Growers, The Hanging Dryer

Eventually, after carefully looking after your mother plants, harvesting them and growing your main crop into a beautiful, rich bounty of impressive stickiness. You’re going to have to get those nugs dry and safely stored for use.

Once again, Amazon has your back again with a pretty huge range of hanging dryers and nets that are specifically designed to dry herbs on.

Of course, you’ll never see the words “weed” used in the sales copy, yet we all know what they mean by hydroponic!

Top Dryer Pick: Hydroponics Detachable Dry Rack

If you need a drying rack that fits perfectly in a closet or cupboard, them this is your perfect rack. It can be split into six sections, making it easy to dry as much or as little herb as you’ve harvested.

The mesh is a thinly woven plastic that really does help allow air flow in and around each nug. We were impressed by how quickly our harvest dried out using this, even compared to hanging each branch the traditional way.

If you struggle for space in your grow area and need a slightly more modern way to dry your nugs, this is the rack to go for.

Rolling Papers

Most of us tokers stick with good old Green Rizla, nothing wrong with that of course. Green Rizla is how many early joint craftsmen learned their trade, upgrading to Silver when they mastered the art and wanted a slightly thinner paper.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade your paper experience even more!

Top Rolling Papers Pick: Raw King Size Rolling Papers – 5 Pack

When it comes to smooth smoking, they’re not much to match that sensation of a Raw paper. Used by tokers the world over, Raw papers are a nice, smooth smoke and stick extremely well.

Welcome, relief if you’ve ever suffered the joint that was perfect until you realised the gum was dead, and you’re expertly crafted joint was going to have to be re-done.

We love the way the Raw smokes although if we’re splitting hairs, we might make a comment about Raw papers being so smooth, it’s sometimes hard to get your fingers around them.

The Bubble Bag Press – AKA The Amazing Bubble Hash Creator

Ever wondered what to do with all that wonderful pollen? We know exactly what to do! Amazon sells a large range of bubble bags that allow you to create bubble hash in the comfort of your own home.

Top Bubble Bag Pick: Healthline Hydroponic Bubble Bag

Not only are these bubble bags adorable, (No really, they’re stunning) but they’re just about the easiest way to produce bubble hash in your own home. They feature a built-in cord for extraction and each bag (Micron filtration level) in the set is color coded, so you don’t get confused during the process.

We love these bags; they’re unbeatable quality and although they’re quite expensive, worth every cent. After using many different types of bubble bag, the Healthline ones are always used first!

The Best Bongs for the Money 2016 Reviews & Guide

Are you thinking about purchasing a new bong soon? Yes we know, silly question! All long time stoners are on the hunt for that elusive perfect hit bong.

However, if you’re old bong is smashed, so dirty you just can’t clean it anymore or it’s just scratched to hell, then a new bong is first on your priority list.

If you’re buying your first bong, be mindful of where it will be used, who whom and if you’ll be taking it on road trips. Glass bongs are the ultimate choice, but could be a complete waste of time if your piece will be used at parties where it’s going to be smashed.

To help you choose, we’ve rounded up the best bongs available on Amazon right now. Many are useable, everyday pieces for the toker who needs strength and durability. We’ve also included a handful of pieces that are true display/party bongs that you’ll love to break out every now and then.

One For Your Home – Clear Glass Oil Rig

This bong comes in at a decent 12 inches and has a really good quality tree percolator and ice pinch, perfect for taking super coolers, super smooth hits.

We found this bong to provide decently sized, cool and smooth hits plus it’s actually our most used piece of the moment. Whoever in the office takes this piece home seems to end up using it on a daily basis and it seems to take the punishment easily. The glass doesn’t tarnish easily and seems pretty strong considering the price.

If you’re looking for a well priced piece that you won’t mind using every day or worry about it getting smashed up every once in a while then this is it.

Blue Oil Rig Hookah

The Blue Oil Rig is a pretty easy to use bong that we think will work out great as a daily smoking piece for the home. It features quite thick glass at 5mm that when we tested seemed pretty sturdy and in our opinion probably would take a few knocks without smashing.

The height is a pretty respectable 12.5 inches, more than enough for a decent hit, in-fact during our tests we found the Blue Oil Rig gave a really nice, smooth hit and we think this bong could be a decent alternative to the Clear Glass Oil Rig.

As far as smoking goes, we discovered this piece gave a decent sized hit, although it was a little too hot for some peoples tastes. This piece is perfectly fine for the average toker, we would try and get hold of the Clear Glass Oil Rig first however.

It’s also made in the USA, a rarity these days and all the better for it!

18 Inch Rast Custom Hookah Glass Rig

This piece is most certainly one for parties, even if it’s made of glass! The height comes in at a whopping 18 inches and it also features a honey combe turbine disc and lower bowl.

The glass is 5mm thick, enough to make the piece feel strong. However, when testing the Rast Pipe, we felt the extreme height made us all feel a little hestitant to throw the pipe around too much incase it broke.

This is not just an issue for this pipe of course, any large piece will always feel a little more brittle than it’s smaller counter parts.

We love this piece, it’s probably best kept to parties and/or display purposes only though!

Tall 1 Foot Triple Honeycombe Hookah

This piece excited everyone in the office, we all want to take this bad boy home for a test drive! The huge 1 foot Hookah has 3 honeycombe percolators, quartz banger and a bowl and comes all the way from Texas, perhaps it’s the Texan influence that makes it so huge!

During our tests, we found the percolation was absolutely superb, possibly the best we’ve ever seen. The hits were not the smoothest ever, yet the height of the neck was more than enough to fill the lungs of even the more experienced toker. This piece is not for everyone, but should be a pretty cool piece for students or youngsters who want an impresive display piece.

The only warning we would have is for newbie smokers. Be careful when using this piece for the first time. You’ll likely not be able to take all of your hit in one go.

Yes we know, that’s the most embarasing thing that can happen to anyone! Be prepared for it!

Honeycombe And Whirl Percolator Oil Rig Hookah

Back to the simple life! This bong is a simple design and features a slightly wider percolator, creating a whirl effect that lightly cools the hit before it reaches your lungs. That’s great, because it means you’ll get a far smoother hit than with a standard bong.

During test, found that the piece smoked very nicely, delivering a smooth hit that would work well as a daily use bong. One thing we do worry about however, is that the glass used in the piece is quite thin and we do worry about the general construction of the piece.

Then again, you can’t buy a sensible bong for daily use at a cheaper price, unless you opt for plastic of course, and nobody wants to do that do they?

Marijuana: Surprising Health Benefits

Marijuana is the most popular recreational drug, because it’s used in a daily basis by over 5 million Americans. But marijuana is not just another drug, because it has important benefits for health. We will review the most important ones in this article, which is about to show you the brightest side of marijuana, because it could even save your life.


First we have to talk about two chemicals: THC and CBD. The first one is the chemical which gets consumers high. But science is now interested in the former known as CBD, because apart from being non-psychoactive, it seems to offer a wide array of medical benefits, which includes the treatment of cancer. CBD and THC are present in marijuana in high concentrations, and this represents a problem. If you are interested in knowing how long THC stays in your system, check out this article. However, some breeders have found a way to create varieties of marijuana which have a high concentration of CBD and next to nothing of THC.

Annihilates Cancer

Cancer is one of the most terrible diseases for mankind. Fortunately there are studies which prove that Cannabis has the ability to combat and even annihilate cancer from your body.

As we have seen in the first part, the compound known as CBD offers medical benefits. And in this concrete case CBD has the capacity of stopping the advance of cancer, thanks to a unique ability: it can turn off Id-1 gene. Why is it relevant? We will explain this in the following sub-section.

The Id-1 Gene:

This gene belongs to the helix-loop-helix protein family. This gene serves a vital purpose in our organism, which is regulating cellular differentiation of the muscle cells. But it has also been proven that this gene allows the cancer to grow at alarming rates. That’s why it’s important to turn off this gene, and the CBD serves this purpose perfectly.

We can say with confidence that marijuana seems to hold a lot of potential for treating cancer. However, CBD is still illegal in many countries. In the USA, for example, CBD is considered a Schedule I drug.

Marijuana and Glaucoma:

Glaucoma is the name given to a condition which causes loss of vision because of the great damage it causes to optic nerve, due to the high pressure it exerts in the eyeball. According to statistics, around 3 million Americans suffer of glaucoma, but only 1.5 million know they have it. If glaucoma remains untreated, it can cause blindness. Fortunately studies seem to indicate that marijuana can offer excellent benefits for the treatment of glaucoma.

A Brief History:

It’s known that around 1970 there were studies which confirmed that people who smoke marijuana reduced the intraocular pressure, abbreviated as IOP. Several studies took place at that time, but none of them could confirm that marijuana could do better at lowering IOP than other drugs available in the market.

The pharmacologist Professor West along with the ophthalmologist Dr. Albert Lockhart developed eye-drops which used cannabis as a main compound. This was thanks to an extensive work which began in Jamaican communities, where they investigated how these communities used cannabis for traditional medical treatments. Their product, known as Canasol, was accepted in the Jamaican

market in 1987. This was one of the first attempts for creating a commercial cannabis-based drug for treating glaucoma.

However, these studies in the 1970s could confirm something important: marijuana can be used for glaucoma treatment. And recent studies have found that cannabis can serve as an analgesic, because even though most glaucoma patients report glaucoma to be painless, there are some cases where glaucoma can inflict pain.

#3: Marijuana and Epilepsy

Even though CBD remains as a Schedule I drug, there is a medicament called Epidiolex, which has been approved by the FDA for trail in peculiar cases of epilepsy in children.

There are many studies which seem to confirm the benefits of marijuana for epilepsy patients. However, there’s a study conducted by the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus which his gaining a lot of attention lately. The researchers will study the effects of a kind of medical marijuana known as Charlotte’s Web. This study has a goal: determine why only some patients see positive results from consuming this kind of medical marijuana. In order to accomplish this researches will study a particular gene which is present in patients with Dravet Syndrome, a special type of epilepsy. This study is currently recruiting participants, so we have to wait for the results.

Marijuana seems to be the answer for many people who are looking for a cure. Because even though only 1% of America population suffers of epilepsy, there are patients whose epilepsy can’t be stopped with medication. That’s why many people, especially parents, look untiringly for a cure and as we have seen, marijuana seems to be the answer.


These are three of the most important health benefits provided by cannabis, which remains us that marijuana is not only a recreational drug, but an effective treatment for many diseases.

How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your System: Sticking To The Facts

Currently, we are at a tipping point in marijuana legislation in the US. The fight is going federal, with several states buying the idea of legalizing the use of marijuana for medical purposes and some for recreational use. However, like with most contentious issues in the Federation, change is slow and gradual.

The consensus under US Federal Law and State Law in most states stipulates the prohibition of marijuana use. Being indicating, the law encourages acts that seek to deprive marijuana users of many prime opportunities—chief of which is an exciting job offer.

Aside the use of spec-ops helicopter surveillance to crack down on the cultivation of marijuana and cops searching the cars of suspicious individuals; there are several tests administered to ascertain if a person uses marijuana or not. It does not help that varied tests are using different methods with uncanny levels of accuracy. Many times these tests detect marijuana that has been used weeks before the test is administered. This presents three major problems,

  1. Each type of test has different levels of sensitivity. So an individual may pass test type A and not pass test type B
  2. Just maintaining abstinence a few hours or days before taking a test does very little to avoid being tested positive
  3. All of this is compounded by the fact that an individual may not have a decent time spacing between knowledge of the test and actually taking the test

The obvious starting point for resolving these fundamental problems is to find an answer to the question, “How long does marijuana stay in the human system?” To be exact, there is no accurate answer (like 1+1 = 2) to this question, as we would soon find out. Nonetheless, this article covers virtually all the vital information you should arm yourself with as regards this subject matter.

Testing For Marijuana

Marijuana by itself is a cocktail of substances. The primary psychoactive substance in the mix is tetrahydrocannabinol. Its short form is THC. After a person uses marijuana, THC remains in the body or the body metabolizes THC to other constituents.

When you are tested for marijuana use, the aim of the test is to identify THC or THC-metabolites (products of THC metabolism) in your body. With that said, you should know that the rate of THC metabolism for everybody is not the same. Two major factors influence THC metabolism:

  • Frequency of usage: Light users will see their THC metabolite levels decrease faster than in heavy users who will often have substantial residue of THC in their body
  • The potency of marijuana: Not all marijuana has the same level of potency or hit. THC metabolism will be longer for marijuana with increased potency

Other factors that have a substantial effect on THC metabolism are exercise, an individual’s rate of metabolism, and percentage of body fat (THC is stored in fat cells).

Marijuana Tests

THC and its metabolites persist in the body in fluids and certain regions. Commercially feasible tests try to determine THC levels in either of the following:

  1. Saliva
  2. Urine
  3. Blood
  4. Hair Follicles

Accordingly, tests are classified based on the biomaterial tested. Of the four ensuing types, urine test is the most common. The main draws are that it is inexpensive, are considerably effective, and have a long window of detection.

The major reason for its ability to ascertain marijuana use across a relatively longer detection window is that the test aims to detect a THC metabolite, not THC itself. Thus, even after the body has broken down or metabolized THC, it detects the product of the metabolism. Consequently, it is relatively more challenging to pass this test.

Blood and Saliva tests are the other common types. A saliva test is more convenient to administer but is infamous for being unreliable. Hair follicle test is reliable but is not commonly used because of its inhibitive cost.

Common Methods of Marijuana Use

In the previous section, we described the factors that influenced THC metabolism and in effect the efficiency of marijuana tests. (If you missed it, the major factors are frequency of use and potency of the marijuana consumed). In this section, we rewind the clock further back to ascertain the major factor that influences how much of the THC and in effect THC-metabolites end up in your system.

This factor relates to the way marijuana is used by an individual. In general, individuals use marijuana in either of two ways: smoking or oral ingestion. The way marijuana is used by an individual reflects in the volume of THC and THC metabolites that are accumulated in the body after use. Therefore, whether you smoke or orally ingest marijuana is critical to understanding how long marijuana stays in the human system.


Smoking is by far the most common way of using marijuana. It is also the fastest way to ramp up THC level. However, its rapid buildup does not match its rate of clearance.


  • THC levels begin to spike after the very first puff of marijuana
  • For a single puff, THC reaches peak levels at approximately 9 minutes after the puff
  • For multiple puffs, THC reaches peak levels at just under a minute before taking the last puff

Average THC Levels after Smoking Marijuana

Time Elapsed After Smoking Marijuana Percentage Drop of THC Levels
After 15 minutes 60% of peak THC levels remain
After 30 minutes 20% of peak THC levels remain
After a couple of hours THC concentration drop to ng/ml levels

It is important to note that the values of buildup and average THC levels after smoking marijuana may vary in direct proportion to how deep users inhale during smoking.

How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your System? Does THC Levels Drop Below the Minimum Detection Threshold After A While?

The minimum detection threshold for most tests is 0.5 ng/ml. In other words, 0.5 ng/ml is the least amount of THC that must be present in the system for a test to be positive.

  • For low-dose marijuana users, levels fell to under the detection threshold after 3 to 12 hours
  • For high-dose marijuana users, levels fell to under the detection threshold after 6 to 27 hours

It is important to note that the fall is expected to be considerably slower in those who smoke marijuana regularly.

Oral Ingestion

Not a lot of people orally ingest marijuana as those who smoke marijuana. Nonetheless, the numbers are substantial. In general, THC levels rise much slower after oral ingestion than after smoking. Regular heavy use certainly influences the rates of accumulation and clearance of THC and its metabolites. However, in comparison with smoking, regular use does not heavily skew the rates.

In this section, we discuss the findings of two experiments undertaken to identify THC levels after oral ingestion of marijuana. In one of the experiments, participants were given 20mg THC cookies. After oral ingestion, blood THC levels peaked after about 1 to 5 hours.

In the other experiment, participants consumed 10mg THC capsules orally. After consumption, THC levels began to spike almost immediately. Furthermore, after consumption, THC levels peaked after 1 to 2 hours.

How Long After Orally Ingesting Marijuana, Does THC Levels Drop Below the Minimum Detection Threshold?

  • THC – Up to 25 hours
  • THC metabolites (principally THC-COO) – Up to 50 hours

Types of Tests Used To Detect Marijuana

  1. Saliva Test

The main draw for saliva test is that it is easy to administer. It is often the test of choice for employers who opt to test their employees routinely. This presents a conundrum for employees who use marijuana because these routine tests are usually scheduled randomly and may come as an unpleasant surprise.

How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your Saliva?

12 to 24 hours. Consequently, the saliva test is relatively easier to pass.

  1. Hair Follicle Test

The hair test is the gold standard of all marijuana tests. Its detection window is the longest and so is used for jobs that require special clearance or highly sensitive jobs. Nonetheless, it is the most expensive test of the four test types, and so is not commonly used.

How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your Hair?

Up to 90 days (or 3 months).

  1. Blood Test

The blood test is reliable and is arguably the second most common type of marijuana test. Part of its appeal is that it is difficult for users to get around it, as there is no definite detection window. The reason for the difficulty in pegging a value to the detection window is because, among all four tests, the blood test is most influenced by the factors that affect THC metabolism.

If you missed the factors mentioned above, they include, an individual’s rate of metabolism, how often one uses marijuana, the average quantity of marijuana consumed, the way an individual uses marijuana, percentage of body fat amongst others.

How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your Blood?

Up to 90 days. In reality, it may be longer for frequent users.

  1. Urine Test

This is by far the most commonly administered marijuana test. Like the blood test, it is difficult to game the test, and so the test does not have a definite detection window. Also, like blood test, it is also influenced by factors that affect THC metabolism. The reason why urine test has a higher adoption rate than blood test is that it is the cheaper alternative and is relatively more convenient for many.

The urine test is reliable because it does not detect THC, it detects the product or metabolite of THC metabolism. THC metabolism takes place in the liver, and a major product of THC breakdown is THC-COOH or Carboxy-THC (either should work in informal speak as the more technical nomenclature—11-nor-9-carboxy-delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol—is a long shot).

Therefore, quite after THC may have fallen to low levels, Carboxy-THC remains in tangible quantity to score positive in a test.

How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your Urine?

  • *Occasional users: Up to 4 days
  • *Regular users: Up to 10 days
  • Frequent users: Up to 70 days

* represents estimates that may be skewed considerably by factors that affect THC metabolism

How to Get Marijuana Out Of Your System

At this point, it should be pristinely clear that if you want to get weed out of your system, you have to stop consuming marijuana. There is no getting around that. Now that we know how long does marijuana stay in your system, it is important to maintain the tempo and get your THC level down slowly when you quit consuming marijuana, though it can be understandably difficult.

For some, it may be more desirable to maintain their habit and try to game the tests. Unfortunately, over the years, these tests have become for formidable to beat. The simple trick of taking in lots of fluid to dilute the urine to skew urine test results is no longer effective. Tampering with your hair to game hair follicle tests is ineffective and unsafe.

That is just one side of the equation. The extended range of detection time is of big concern now. Urine tests detect the metabolic product of THC breaks down. The barrage of factors that influence THC levels also renders virtually all attempts to get nicotine out of your system ineffective.

Therefore, the safest, effective, and sustainable way to get marijuana out of your system necessitates you to:

  • Stop consuming marijuana
  • Free yourself of the desire to use marijuana
  • Avoid harmfully and complicated solutions
  • Put off spending loads of money finding ineffective methods to rid your body of marijuana

 Introducing Quit-Weed

Quite-Weed is a comprehensive guide to walk you through these steps effortlessly. It is effective, natural, and is based on unique information and definitive facts. It is tailored to be just as fun and effective for long-time smokers as it will be for newly smokers who wish to quit smoking marijuana. Try It Here