The Best Bongs for the Money 2016 Reviews & Guide

Are you thinking about purchasing a new bong soon? Yes we know, silly question! All long time stoners are on the hunt for that elusive perfect hit bong.

However, if you’re old bong is smashed, so dirty you just can’t clean it anymore or it’s just scratched to hell, then a new bong is first on your priority list.

If you’re buying your first bong, be mindful of where it will be used, who whom and if you’ll be taking it on road trips. Glass bongs are the ultimate choice, but could be a complete waste of time if your piece will be used at parties where it’s going to be smashed.

To help you choose, we’ve rounded up the best bongs available on Amazon right now. Many are useable, everyday pieces for the toker who needs strength and durability. We’ve also included a handful of pieces that are true display/party bongs that you’ll love to break out every now and then.

One For Your Home – Clear Glass Oil Rig

This bong comes in at a decent 12 inches and has a really good quality tree percolator and ice pinch, perfect for taking super coolers, super smooth hits.

We found this bong to provide decently sized, cool and smooth hits plus it’s actually our most used piece of the moment. Whoever in the office takes this piece home seems to end up using it on a daily basis and it seems to take the punishment easily. The glass doesn’t tarnish easily and seems pretty strong considering the price.

If you’re looking for a well priced piece that you won’t mind using every day or worry about it getting smashed up every once in a while then this is it.

Blue Oil Rig Hookah

The Blue Oil Rig is a pretty easy to use bong that we think will work out great as a daily smoking piece for the home. It features quite thick glass at 5mm that when we tested seemed pretty sturdy and in our opinion probably would take a few knocks without smashing.

The height is a pretty respectable 12.5 inches, more than enough for a decent hit, in-fact during our tests we found the Blue Oil Rig gave a really nice, smooth hit and we think this bong could be a decent alternative to the Clear Glass Oil Rig.

As far as smoking goes, we discovered this piece gave a decent sized hit, although it was a little too hot for some peoples tastes. This piece is perfectly fine for the average toker, we would try and get hold of the Clear Glass Oil Rig first however.

It’s also made in the USA, a rarity these days and all the better for it!

18 Inch Rast Custom Hookah Glass Rig

This piece is most certainly one for parties, even if it’s made of glass! The height comes in at a whopping 18 inches and it also features a honey combe turbine disc and lower bowl.

The glass is 5mm thick, enough to make the piece feel strong. However, when testing the Rast Pipe, we felt the extreme height made us all feel a little hestitant to throw the pipe around too much incase it broke.

This is not just an issue for this pipe of course, any large piece will always feel a little more brittle than it’s smaller counter parts.

We love this piece, it’s probably best kept to parties and/or display purposes only though!

Tall 1 Foot Triple Honeycombe Hookah

This piece excited everyone in the office, we all want to take this bad boy home for a test drive! The huge 1 foot Hookah has 3 honeycombe percolators, quartz banger and a bowl and comes all the way from Texas, perhaps it’s the Texan influence that makes it so huge!

During our tests, we found the percolation was absolutely superb, possibly the best we’ve ever seen. The hits were not the smoothest ever, yet the height of the neck was more than enough to fill the lungs of even the more experienced toker. This piece is not for everyone, but should be a pretty cool piece for students or youngsters who want an impresive display piece.

The only warning we would have is for newbie smokers. Be careful when using this piece for the first time. You’ll likely not be able to take all of your hit in one go.

Yes we know, that’s the most embarasing thing that can happen to anyone! Be prepared for it!

Honeycombe And Whirl Percolator Oil Rig Hookah

Back to the simple life! This bong is a simple design and features a slightly wider percolator, creating a whirl effect that lightly cools the hit before it reaches your lungs. That’s great, because it means you’ll get a far smoother hit than with a standard bong.

During test, found that the piece smoked very nicely, delivering a smooth hit that would work well as a daily use bong. One thing we do worry about however, is that the glass used in the piece is quite thin and we do worry about the general construction of the piece.

Then again, you can’t buy a sensible bong for daily use at a cheaper price, unless you opt for plastic of course, and nobody wants to do that do they?