The Top 5 Products All Stoner Need In Their Toolkit

Speaking as a regular toker, I know there are those items that we all have in our weed smoking arsenal. From excellent grinders to that truly awesome lighter that’s always there when you need it we all have them.

Thankfully, smoking weed has become very mainstream. This means that even websites like Amazon and eBay stock certain smoking paraphernalia, utterly unthinkable just a few short years ago!

It doesn’t matter what your budget is, or how many of an aficionado you might think you are. All stoners can now create a top quality toolkit, making their smoking life just that little bit easier.

The Humble Grinder

The first thing all tokers tend to upgrade, the humble grinder can be a faithful servant or constant pain if it’s not capable enough. The perfect grinder, is easy to use, can cope with the dankest of bud and neatly collect that pollen in the bottom for that perfect last smoke.

We always suggest getting an aluminium grinder. Why? Aluminium is tough, durable and doesn’t leave any horrible plastic pieces in your freshly ground bud. We all had a terrible experience with a horrible quality plastic grinder when we were young, yet prices are low enough we don’t have to suffer from that anymore.

We also think the more teeth, the better. This helps crush the week into the smallest nugs you can, allowing you to make your weed go that much further.

Top Grinder Pick: DCOU Aluminium Grinder With Pollen Catcher

The DCOU Grinder is a superb piece of kit. It features an amazing 49 teeth in the head, more than enough to ensure your bud goes as far as it can.

It also features the all important pollen catcher and a really cool see through midsection, allowing you to see what you’re catching as you grind.

I’ve been using this grinder for about a month now, and it’s by far the best I’ve ever used. It’s unbelievably strong and as anyone who’s compared a quality grinder with a terrible one, you can feel it’s doing a great job of grinding your herb.

As far as drawbacks, there’s a weird set of ribs located inside the middle chamber. It’s not a total game stopper, but it does sometimes make retrieving your weed or pollen harder than it probably should have been.

The Scales Of Justice

A guy once said on Reddit, “if you want to know if a guy smokes, just ask him about weight conversions.” It made me laugh, and it’s probably true.

The small, electronic scale is the most important thing your local vendor owns, save your the actually weed itself. A good quality scale will keep going all day long, not draw too much battery life and above all else, we as accurate as possible.

Top Scales Pick: Ozeri Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale

If the words “generic” aren’t enough to put your off then, this portable scale is actually perfect you’re those who need to measure weed on a daily basis. It’s accurate to 0.5g and converts between grams, and slightly old school weights such as quarters, half’s and ounces.

The only minor irritation we have with this scales are the instructions. Not the easiest thing in the world to read, however, once you’ve mastered the art of measuring with this beast you’ll never look back.

One For You Growers, The Hanging Dryer

Eventually, after carefully looking after your mother plants, harvesting them and growing your main crop into a beautiful, rich bounty of impressive stickiness. You’re going to have to get those nugs dry and safely stored for use.

Once again, Amazon has your back again with a pretty huge range of hanging dryers and nets that are specifically designed to dry herbs on.

Of course, you’ll never see the words “weed” used in the sales copy, yet we all know what they mean by hydroponic!

Top Dryer Pick: Hydroponics Detachable Dry Rack

If you need a drying rack that fits perfectly in a closet or cupboard, them this is your perfect rack. It can be split into six sections, making it easy to dry as much or as little herb as you’ve harvested.

The mesh is a thinly woven plastic that really does help allow air flow in and around each nug. We were impressed by how quickly our harvest dried out using this, even compared to hanging each branch the traditional way.

If you struggle for space in your grow area and need a slightly more modern way to dry your nugs, this is the rack to go for.

Rolling Papers

Most of us tokers stick with good old Green Rizla, nothing wrong with that of course. Green Rizla is how many early joint craftsmen learned their trade, upgrading to Silver when they mastered the art and wanted a slightly thinner paper.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade your paper experience even more!

Top Rolling Papers Pick: Raw King Size Rolling Papers – 5 Pack

When it comes to smooth smoking, they’re not much to match that sensation of a Raw paper. Used by tokers the world over, Raw papers are a nice, smooth smoke and stick extremely well.

Welcome, relief if you’ve ever suffered the joint that was perfect until you realised the gum was dead, and you’re expertly crafted joint was going to have to be re-done.

We love the way the Raw smokes although if we’re splitting hairs, we might make a comment about Raw papers being so smooth, it’s sometimes hard to get your fingers around them.

The Bubble Bag Press – AKA The Amazing Bubble Hash Creator

Ever wondered what to do with all that wonderful pollen? We know exactly what to do! Amazon sells a large range of bubble bags that allow you to create bubble hash in the comfort of your own home.

Top Bubble Bag Pick: Healthline Hydroponic Bubble Bag

Not only are these bubble bags adorable, (No really, they’re stunning) but they’re just about the easiest way to produce bubble hash in your own home. They feature a built-in cord for extraction and each bag (Micron filtration level) in the set is color coded, so you don’t get confused during the process.

We love these bags; they’re unbeatable quality and although they’re quite expensive, worth every cent. After using many different types of bubble bag, the Healthline ones are always used first!